Thanksgiving 2015

While Thanksgiving has always been “my” holiday, this year I let it go.  We traveled to Cumming Georgia to be with our daughter Veronica and her husband Chris’ home and they took over and did a marvelous job!  I would not have done anything differently, the meal was so delicious.


Thanksgiving 2015

I think we’ve entered a new phase of Thanksgiving family rotation where the annual family get-together will be shifted to different locations based on whose turn it is.  I think next year we’ll be back in Cumberland Mountain State Park (and hopefully we’ll not free our bagetts off)!

Chris’ daughter Mckayla and Brandi’s beau Brad joined us for the day and with all hands on deck the meal was perfect.

Grand-daughter Brandi is expecting our great-grandson any day and her baby-bump was definitely the center of attention.


Chris and Braden

Kayla’s son Braden was  permanently scarred by Chris – gives the home-alone expression of shock a new meaning!

And talk about a beautiful day

From moon-set in the morning to sunrise the weather could not have been any prettier.

Rebecca and Kayla drove up the evening before, with Braden forcing several “pee” breaks!  Nothing like traveling with a 5 year old.



Brayden had a great time playing lawn games with Veronica and Chris after dinner before they had to hit the road on their return to Nashville.

Braden had the most amount of fun with Bullet however. Checkout the video — Braden and Bullet


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