Baby Smells and Savannah

I don’t know what it is about baby smells, that primeval part of our brain that makes the smells and wonder of a new life, feel so good about ourselves.  Truett, our first great-grandson has that perfect smell.IMG_0162_1











We stopped in at Veronica and Chris’ house to visit with Brandi and Brad, Veronica and Chris, and see the star of the show Truett.  Smothered him with kisses spent some time talking with the family before heading back to our campsite at Swanee Campground on Lake Lanier.  We had a heck of a time when we got in the night before — it was dark by the time we got there, drizzling cold, and the advertised 80ft site was nowhere near 40ft!

Off to Savanah the next day and got in just in time for sunset on a lake at the Savanah KOA.  The lake has a bevy of white swans that own the lake, making for some beautiful evening vistas.

We spent the better part of the afternoon Monday in this beautiful Southern City that reminded us both of London.  Beautiful old buildings, picturesque riverfront cafes, and every other city block had a park in the middle!



City Market

While the temps were in the mid-50’s the sun was out making the walking so enjoyable.  We took the free public bus “DOT” to travel around the city after parking at SCAD (Savanah College Arts and Design) a university attended by several of my former students.


We had an exceptional lunch at a Riverside cafe that left us both so full.



Fiddler’s Crab House, Savannah Georgia

Off tomorrow to a military RV park on a submarine base in the lower south-eastern corner of Georgia called Eagle Hammock RV.


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