Everything’s Bigger in Texas

To be honest the last time we were in Texas, as we saw San Antonio in our rear view mirror somewhere in the early 80s, was the last time we ever wanted to step foot in Texas.   The summer heat is brutal.  No trees.  Cactus.


Padre Island

As we sit on the beach in Padre Island or along the boardwalk in Corpus Christi in February with temps in the mid-70’s, Texas is perfect!  Beautiful weather, the port city of Corpus Christi, and the beaches combined to make it a perfect part of our trip.




We traveled to Houston to visit with our son and his wife and our grandson, and we got to do so briefly while staying in an RV Resort that quite frankly, was not as nice as some of the military facilities we’ve stayed at.  But the point of staying there was to be able to visit James, Allison, and Zachary.  We had a great visit, saw their beautiful home, yacked for a few hours then went out to dinner.

We toured Houston for a bit then headed further south to Corpus Christi.  A beautiful city with a boardwalk that seemed to stretch forever.


Corpus Christi Harbor


The harbor was especially beautiful with everything from private sailboats, to charters and commercial fishing fleets.

One of the highlights of the stay was the beautiful beaches of Padre Island National seashore.  With more than a hundred miles of white sand beaches most of which you can drive on (but over half require 4 wheel drive) we had a great and exhausting time just walking and laying on the beach.  Even Meiko and Marlie had some fun;  but a hot sunny beach, not so much!


Of course Monica’s all time favorite thing to do on the beach is looking for seashells




My favorite is photography


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