Economic Fears and Immigration

The recent events in Great Britain underline the fears across our country on two issues that are purportedly the main divisional issues across our country and perhaps the developed world.  I don’t want to over-simplify these issues that have been turned into fears by some politicians, but I do want to put them into perspective.  First the easiest group to “rally” or get upset by a catch phrase of American Politics, is the greater sea of the great unwashed: those less educated than the masses.  They are the ones shouting the loudest about a policy they know very little about no less understand.  Recently in a southern city’s local news a young woman was being interviewed about Immigration fears and she was vomiting back the rhetoric about building walls, stopping some ethnic groups from entering America, when the news reporter asked her about her parents.  Recent immigrants themselves and when viewed from the perspective of looking back just 20 years, the policy she was so strongly for would have prevented her from ever being on the streets of America now had they been in force then.  Her response; a delayed silence.

Up until 1910 or the year your grandparent or great-grandparent was born, immigrants as a percentage of the population was at its peak at 14.4% — Immigrants were coming to American to build a country and had been doing this since our country became a country.  Many if not most of us can trace our heritage back just a few generations to immigrants.  (Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Data Hub) From 1910 to until 1970 the percentage of immigrants coming into America slowly declined.  World Wars had a major impact on all immigration, but the point is you need to look in your own backyard before denying other immigrants access to our country. Pealing back the fear covering immigration my bet is that it is not so much as an attack on immigrants as it is a racist/hate/fear of the current group of ethnicities muslims and Mexicans … m&M’s.

Economic fear is an absolute classic attack on the middle class under the guise of helping the poor. Without going into an Economic Class seminar on this or making this more complicated than it already is, the most influential and richest individuals of our country “scare” the largest (numerically) amount of voters in the country, you and I, into believing that unless you vote for their policies you’ll lose money, jobs, and retirements. ( Think Trump)  They do this by first using the “attack” on our country by people jumping the border into our country stealing jobs.  Now be real, which of you has a job that an immigrant “jumping a fence” is going to take? Actually the jobs the vast majority of these people take are vacant because current America citizens do not want them. These people are recruited by American businesses that need them.  There is no reason to fear.  Next in the shell game of American Economics scare tactics, is the fear of all jobs going someplace other than here.  The very people who stir that fear are the leaders of companies that make the decision to move their production facilities to other countries to save money.  They are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.  But in fact this give-and-take of jobs and production facilities actually helps the middle class.  Think about shopping at Walmart.  Two items are on the shelf; a shirt made in America for $15 or one made in Thailand for $8.  Hmmm, unless your buddies are standing next to you, you’ll buy the $8 shirt.  The economic policy that you fear is the one driven by you.  There’s noting to fear; we just need to understand that economic policy is built around your buying preferences.  However, the root of this fear is once again not so much the $$ as it is the people behind the money.  We’re not upset at the economic policy we don’t like the people making the money.  Once again the underlining issue here is racism and hate.

Those who rule the world (read Ann Rand for fun) and drive economies know what buttons to push to get the great unwashed to rally for a “cause” all really stoked by racism and hatred.  So in the name of driving a country, a political entity using the known underlying hatred and racist views of the people target the flavor(s) of the year and right now it’s m&Ms and using that hatred, they drive a country to the destination they want by a group of people blind to the real issues.

You really need to understand your individual and family views of other people.  All ethnicities have been the target of those in power.  The Christians in ancient times, Jews, the Irish, the American Indians, now the muslims and Mexicans.  None of these purges, absolutely none of them have resulted in a more positive and productive outcome unless you are a member of the 1% gaining from the sale of weaponry or whatever it is used against those currently oppressed.


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