Summer Mornings

Monica and I are supposed to be in Oregon about now on our summer travels across the northern border of the US from Michigan to the Pacific.  Supposed to be until I decided to get my right knee replaced.

We came back into Nashville in early March after winter travel to Georgia and saw daughter Veronica, granddaughter Brandi and great-grandson Truett, Florida,


Alabama, New Orleans and a great time during Mardi Gras, then down the Texas coast to Corpus Christi after stopping in Houston to see #1 son James and Alison and grandson Zachery.  We came back up through San Antonio and saw Chuck and June Lile then Oklahoma, Arkansas before landing at the KOA off Music Vally Drive in Nashville.

We scheduled the knee surgery so we could be traveling by late April:  Unfortunately the week I was supposed to “graduate” from therapy and seeing my surgeon, my knee became infected.

Another hospitalization, another surgery, and a large setback.  I don’t know if you’ve every met the infectious disease Dr’s, at Summit either Bodner or Laya, but when this happened to Monica’s knee a few years ago we were surprised by the very late night visits Dr. Bodner would make to Summit.  Scared the crap out of us!  Now my turn and around 11PM the night of the second surgery Rebecca was spending the night with me and opening my eyes around 10:30PM there stands Dr. Laya!

Anyway after discharge I’m on two antibiotics:  After yesterday’s visit I’m now on three.  Seems my continued leg swelling


Cooling Leg Wrap

and redness around the incision was concern enough for her to add the third.


Pressurized Infusion

Now it takes two and a half hours twice a day to do this infusion.  Disappointing to say the very least

We’re now looking forward to a modified summer travel; up to Michigan then east to upstate NY and see my sister Pat before returning to Nashville and the birth of Jessica and Shane’s baby in early October!


If we did not get to see you or visit much I’m sorry — it’s just that to be honest this wipes me out — that and the over 100 degree heat index daily around here, getting out is just plain tough!  We will get together my Nashville family when we return in Late September … unless I’m holding a grand baby!




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