Summer Travel (finally) Begins


Sunset in Nebraska

Well to be honest if I had known a few weeks ago we were going to travel into, what the Kansas City weather person called, a “ring of fire” we probably would have reconsidered our travel path!  The heat, so oppressive that at my age it really takes the air and energy out of me and Monica is not far behind.  In fact with all her health issues probably in worse shape than I am.  Despite that we’ve been able to get out and sight-see.

We traveled north out of Nashville to Benton IL our first stop and spent a pleasant 3 nights at a KOA there.  We went to church at St Joseph’s in Benton.  They still use a manual steeple bell to announce church times.  You can see the blue and white rope in this photo.IMG_0001

After church we asked about the best place in town to eat breakfast and were rewarded with a great mom and pop restaurant not far from our campground.  We actually relished the days with nothing to do at this stop.IMG_0002  So much has been going on the past few months that this brief relief has been wonderful.

We continued on traveling north-west to St. Louis and then due west toward Kansas City.  Having been stationed in Missouri years ago, we were fairly familiar with the landscape and the towns although it was great to relive those days again.

Driving through St Louis in fact reminded us of the time we broke down in the middle of the city, with a van full of kids late on a Saturday evening.  Monica was driving and noted that the radio sound had slowly decreased as well as the fan speed.  IMG_0003Also a noted loss of power and the lights were dimming.  We were in the fast lane of the interstate and she had to maneuver our way over to the right and find an exit.  As we exited the freeway, one gas station in sight, we limped into the gas station where the three mechanics “Jimmy-rigged” an ill fitting alternator into the Dodge.

The thing looked like it fell from space and crashed into the engine compartment!

While in Missouri we had to visit the “Knob” and Whitman AFB where our first-born, James was born.

An interesting thing about James’ legacy here at Whitman, both the house and hospital he was born in are no longer!  Now a parking lot!IMG_0009IMG_0364

When we were at Whiteman the mission was Minuteman missiles:  Now the base has a similar global mission using a much different platform.IMG_0007 Close up they are quite impressive.

We did a little antique shopping while in Missouri although I was exhausted that day and spent the majority of the trip sitting while Monica shopped for treasures.

Our next stop is our current location just outside Omaha Nebraska.  Got to say this is beautiful country.

Corn and wheat fields that go on forever.  Beautiful rivers, clean air, gorgeous sunsets.  We’ve really enjoyed this part of the trip.  Today we’re visiting Lincoln Nebraska and tomorrow we head north to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Thanks for following along.



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