St Paul Cathedral

As many of you know we are traveling Catholics who at every traveling stop we make time to seek out the local main Catholic Churches to visit.  This started while we were in Italy years ago, traveling around that country and discovered that it was primarily in churches that the greatest artwork could be found because church was the focal point for the people for centuries.


Basilica of St John

While in Des Moines, a beautiful city by the way, we explored the Basilica of St John. Located in an obscure part of town, this church on the outside, hides the inside beauty  well.  The beautiful paintings, the massive organ, the well-appointed pews all make this church a singular beauty amongst mid-western churches.

We went to dinner in Des Moines at a German restaurant before touring the city and the capitol building.

Traveling to Minneapolis – St Paul after Des Moines we were once again filled with awe viewing the hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful farm land with plentiful rivers and streams and planet friendly windmills populating the countryside.  We stopped for a few nights in Maple Grove Minnesota and decided on our visit to the twin cities to start with St Paul first.


St Paul, Minnesota – Mississippi River Waterfront


SItuated on the banks of the Mississippi, St Paul retains the old school charms in comparison with her twin sister Minneapolis with whom there is constant and fierce competition.


Cathedral of St Paul

Overlooking the city, situated on a bluff on the Mississippi, the Cathedral of St Paul’s is magnificent.

But where this church really shines is inside.  With statues devoted to saints, the detail of the wood on the end of the pews, the marble floors and beautiful altar, this church is stunning.  We’re talking Europe stunning here.  We’ve rarely come across a church that combines the beauty of the church’s architecture with that indescribable feeling you get in the presence of the saints and the assembly of God’s people.





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