Ft McCoy

We left Minneapolis-St Paul on Sunday morning and headed east.IMG_8149  One of the things we both noticed once we landed in Nebraska a couple of weeks ago, is the sky.  I think it’s the same as my sister Pat’s in upstate New York it is both the color and the clouds.  The clouds are a constant presence in the sky and they are all different shapes, all fluffy, as they sail across a sky of multiple hues of blue.  It reminded me of the clouds over the atlantic on a cruise we took a few years ago.  I’m not a meteorologist so I’m not sure of what makes these type clouds but they sure are pretty.  The landscape changed almost as soon as we crossed the Mississippi River the IMG_8156border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

While we were so impressed and loved the flowing fields of Nebraska and Minnesota, the rolling green hills and dairy farms of Wisconsin are winning us over slowly.  While The corn or milo (cattle feed corn) fields in Nebraska had a golden color from the corn tassels that shimmered as you drove past.  The green hills of Wisconsin are multiple shades of green giving the landscape a patchwork of green color.FullSizeRender  We are here for three nights and our mission is one thing —  cheese!

Fort McCoy is a huge Army post whose main purpose has been training for all military branches almost since its beginning.  It has almost no personality with old buildings and roads, but what it lacks in beauty on the main base itself it makes up in all the thousands of acres of training fields surrounding the base. The campground is huge with boating, golf, swimming, and sites that are paved nicely and private.  We are happy with this gem of a camping find and plan to relax with some vino later today — after we snag some cheese!






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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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