One of the more interesting discoveries you find when traveling around these beautiful states, seeing the sights, delving into the culture, watching the local television is that your hometown is really not that unique.  Even down to its name.  A drive through Lebanon and then into Nashville ….  Indiana, Nashville Ohio, Nashville Texas, or Manhattan Kansas, there are so many towns with identical names that at times it becomes humorous and can be confusing especially using the GPS to navigate everywhere.  You favorite jingle when your news show comes on is identical to the jingle used in an advertisement for another state’s fair.  That pretty girl selling chevys in Texas, is selling VWs in Ohio.  The law firm of Cracker and Cracker – your “local” lawyers in Florida, is “local” in Missouri.IMG_8045  So we’re not all that unique in our living space or our cities and towns stores and shops.  Where we are different is in the people’s regional accents, or the way the land of a state seems to go on forever, rich with crops growing and being harvested.  How the people treat you and interact with you is always different yet the same.  Some seem indifferent while others are wonderful and warm.  Some places have very specific religious or ethnic ties like IMG_0405Elkhart Indiana which boasts that they now have the leading Amish population in the US, while others are typical American perhaps with more cowboy hats or dressed in “Colorado summer” attire – shorts and a sweater.  People are people everywhere and it is so interesting, especially if you’re a “people watcher” to see them across the country as you travel.  Each campground is also a great mixing pot of people.  In our last spot in Indiana we were neighbors with a couple who spent their winters in Arizona, summers in Indiana, used the VA hospital in Nebraska and spent some of their time with their kids in Montana.  Where were they from?  Indeterminable. When Monica and I are asked we always hesitate; give them the expanded answer with Monica starting in Louisiana and me in New York, or the Reader’s Digest answer we’re full-timers with our homebase in Nashville Tennessee.  (You’ve got to add the Tennessee because as I indicated above there are lots of Nashville’s across the country)

So we enjoy out travels always looking for the unique in our country.  We’re headed out today to visit a lighthouse on Lake Erie and have lunch at the beach.  We’ll watch the sunset over this ocean sized lake this evening before heading out to visit my sister Pat in a state most everyone has the wrong idea about.  If I said I’m headed to a state with a state park that is bigger than the Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, Grand Canyon parks combined, that has more farm land, orchards, and dairy farms than any individual southern state, most would not guess New York but yup, it does.  She lives in Sandy Creek and it’s a beautiful time for Monica and I to just relax and enjoy the scenery.   We’ll let you know when we find the next unique thing!


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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