The day after …


The weather has turned cold, almost nasty this morning when I got up to walk the dogs around 6.  A misty rain accompanied the blast of cold and the temperature has continued to drop throughout the morning.  I usually turn the news on first thing and have a cup of coffee, but not this morning.  It was a creeping fear that maybe by some fluke of nature trump may have won the election.  When I told Monica the shock on her face said it all.  Like the milkweed pod, it is an ugly thing but we must hope and pray it  gives birth to seeds of hope.

As we travel around this part of New York, small towns some without a single traffic light but a lone church and a post office, we feel a oneness with these people in rural America. A much simpler lifestyle and certainly slower, we’re also sure that as with most people the beauty of the surrounding countryside gets lost once you’re immersed in it through daily life. We can hope that as this new president takes office and becomes immersed in daily political life, he will better appreciate and understand the beauty and greatness of this country and our respect of the office he now holds.


We love this stand of birch trees across from Pat’s.   It’s so peaceful and calming and on a day like today, with the disappointing election news, it is a great place for Monica and I to be and relax. In my prayers tonight I’m going to pray for our country. I’m going to ask that in the transition to the Presidency, trump is able to learn and acquire the necessary professional skills that are so different from his current skill set; that our country will heal and we can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. I’m hopeful that our current military and seasoned political leadership can guide this novice to better understand that we are a nation of people, the most diverse of any country, everyone deserving equal consideration and care we as people are capable of giving.  Thank you God, for listening to this prayer of hope.


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NYC Born 27 years USAF retired Major 21 years teaching/17 in a high school now retired
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