A Birthday & Parade!

It’s not that often when you get to have both a birthday party and the town throws a parade the same day but Christina lucked out this year.  Granville’s annual Christmas parade was Saturday, the same day we celebrated her birthday!


I’ve seen many parades, some that go on for hours, but none quite as nice and quaint as Granville’s parade.


It was a brisk day but with all the candy flying around the boys didn’t  mind sitting for a few seconds for a picture.  John on the right and Christopher next to his momma, the boys have sure grown up these last few years (boy in the middle is Brian’s son).  Shane in the back next to Brian was in a brace due to his accident and Monica holding Meena and Jessica in the back, we all had a great time.


This “Griswold Christmas” car was just classic!




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One Response to A Birthday & Parade!

  1. ME says:

    Small town parades are the best! Glad you all had a fun day celebrating Christina’s birthday!

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