Vicksburg, MS


Those of you who have ever travelled to Vicksburg, Mississippi known as the “Key to the South” and site of one of the civil war’s most decisive battles, have perhaps done so for the many casinos that populate the Mississippi River banks, and may have even driven the short distance into old Vicksburg to look at the small and large southern homes along the main streets.  However if you drive them more than a cursory tour you begin to notice the amount of abandoned properties and general run down atmosphere of the city itself.  One of the prettiest buildings in all of Vicksburg appears to be City Hall which sits just across from the church we attended Mass at this past Sunday, St Paul’s. A beautiful stately church, notice the tulip tree in the foreground.  Almost past its blooming period!

It is an enormous church and in fact one of the first things Monica and I remarked about was, how do they pay to cool this space during the summer?img_9477


The choir loft in the rear of the church was just beautiful and they managed to play a selection of oldies we truly enjoyed.  Our celebrant for this Mass was an older Irish priest whose lively Mass and homily kept us listening to what he had to say.  Unfortunately we noticed a general lack of Deacons and alter persons not only here but in many churches we’ve attended.  I wonder if it is a symptom of a larger issue or just growing pains.


We’ve been in Vicksburg for several days longer than planned.  Our truck had a radiator issue and it’s in the truck doctor’s office getting fixed.  Meanwhile I rented a “Standard” size vehicle from Enterprise and wound up with this screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-9-54-20-amItalian coffin, a Fiat 500.  Looks cute in the picture but try folding yourself into the front seat.  Yowzer.  Now I’m not exactly the slimmest guy around but even Monica has issues with the front seat.



We spent the better part of a day throwing money around inside the Ameristar Casino.

We really had a great time, won a bit lost a bit, had a great meal in the cleanest buffets I’ve ever seen.img_9499

Huh, imagine that, in for the early bird special LOL!







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