Wide Open Spaces

We’ve managed to make it to just outside Quanah Texas before running into an issue with an axle on our 5th wheel.  I had noticed an increase in tire temperature on my EEZ Tire minder and began watching the tires as we sailed along Texas 287 toward our destination, Amarillo TX.  We had been talking just before this issue occurred how thankful we were that these Texas highways, not just the interstates but their secondary roads, are very well maintained.  Anyone who has driven through Louisiana then into Texas really appreciates and knows what I mean about the roads.


Our coach is in the background on the far right

Anyway, apparently the seal on the bearing failed causing the grease to leak out and then the bearings to fail.  Actually the whole thing just sort of fell apart when I pulled over just short of a rest area.  I called Good Sam Roadside assistance and they were quick to send out a maintenance guy named Steve from Quanah ( Quanah Service Center, Quanah Texas 79252 ).


Steve checking the serial number on the axle

The Texas Department of Transportation were at our side, three trucks, before I could get off the phone with Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  You know despite bad things happening to you, sometimes you get to meet some fabulous people and we did in Steve. Between his excellent service, the help received from Good Sam Roadside Assistance and Extended Warranties ( @thegoodsamclub ) and they were able to put us in touch with both Jayco ( @jaycorvs ) and the actual manufacturer of the axle, Lippert Systems (@lippertproducts ) and despite all the phone calls I was treated very well and their offers of assistance were gratifying.

We’re hoping that our mechanic Steve will be able to locate the parts necessary today so that we can be on our way as soon as possible.  Today’s high temperature predicted at 91 with a sustained 30 knot wind from the Southwest sounds like quite a challenge.  We’ve managed to hook up to the rest area’s power and despite only pulling about 20amps we have enough to power the living room’s a/c making living more enjoyable.  With our fresh water tank filled as we left the KOA in Burkburnett, Texas ( @Koakampgrounds ) we have plenty of water and supplies to last a few days without too much panic


A sign you don’t see too often

Being “camped” at a Texas Rest Area (Hardeman County Rest Area ) is not for the meek, but this place is manned 24/7 and the lighting in the area is wonderful; almost like day-light during the nighttime hours.  We’ve had to delay our arrival at a few places we had planned and made reservations along the route, but most campground owners are very accommodating in changing or cancelling reservations.


Coach again on the right – check out all the lights

The one thing I did not have (because this would never happen to me I’d tell Monica who now gives me the “I told you so” look)  are the emergency triangles to place behind the coach to warn incoming traffic.  Steve let us use his and he even placed them behind the coach for us.  He gave us his card and told us to call him anytime throughout the night if we needed anything.  Super service from this gentleman and my hat’s off to the people of Texas and their assistance.


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4 Responses to Wide Open Spaces

  1. Tina says:

    So glad you guys are safe! Hope the repairs can be done quickly!

  2. bauernfeind says:

    Thanks Tina. We’ve been here in the rest area two nights now and just a few minutes ago the repair mechanic showed up and he says he has all the parts needed to get us on the road by late afternoon!

  3. mcmills46 says:

    Glad you’re remaining positive when most probably wouldn’t in your circumstance. I’m always glad to discover a blogger who tells a story along with his/her photos. Very well done indeed. I’m definitely adding your blog to my reader…



    • bauernfeind says:

      Thanks Mike. I have to say the people of Texas, the safety workers, the workers at the rest area, and Steve from the repair place have been so helpful and friendly. We are truly blessed to have met them

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