Grand Views—Grand Weather—Grand Canyon


We could not have come at a better time for the most beautiful weather making for the bluest skies imaginable.  If there is a negative at all it is the thinness of the air at more than 7,000 feet – a bit of a huff & puff at times for these old lungs.

Elk roam freely through our campsites.  Mostly the females and the yearlings.  The males with giant racks stride majestically through the campground late at night.  We’ve seen them around 11 PM just strolling around.


Female Elk in the Grand Canyon Campground


The park is beautiful, complete with a K – 12 school, homes for employees who come from every country on earth, beautiful lodges, and of course breathtaking vistas.

There are comfortable busses that run the complete park every 10 to 15 minutes negating the need to try and park in the limited spaces around the edge of the canyon.  In fact the only way to get out to a beautiful point is to use the bus.  Busses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front and stoop to allow those in wheelchairs access.


A must see besides Hermits Rest and the many viewing points along the way, is the National Geographic IMax 35 minute movie about the canyon located just before entering the park.  Also if you’re an AARP member, remember to bring your card.  It will get you 10% off the many beautiful gifts in all the gift shops (as will a military ID that we used)  And bring water … plenty of water.  Altitude combined with very low humidity will dry you out quick.



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