White Beans and Biscuits

Traveling this season reminded me of a time my parents visited me at Eglin AFB Florida.  When they arrived got out of the car, my father and mother were covered in sweat.  They had driven from Long Island to Florida in my Dad’s giant dark blue Plymouth station wagon with no A/C (a/c was not offered as standard equipment then) and the windows were up.  When I asked my dad why, he said my mother was worried about some of the small southern towns they had to drive through (before many interstates existed) and made him close the windows!  That evening while watching TV my mother could not understand why Walter Cronkite was on channel 9 instead of  channel 2 like it was in NY.  It baffled and irritated her just like even today some of the television stations across the country with their relatively small broadcast footprint using some of the technology common to major marketplaces (like all digital broadcasting) but announcing it as a new development.  Even the commercials and jingles used are not what you expect.  There’s a law firm in Nashville that uses a jingle that’s the same, with some lyrics changed of course, to a plumber’s ad in Tucson.


Just outside of Nashville we stopped in Loretta Lynn’s Buffet for dinner the other evening and I could not help but be a little shocked at the number shape and size of confederate flags and rebel hats being sold in this store.  The buffet was the traditional southern spread: chicken, pulled pork, catfish, white beans, collard greens, hush puppies, gravy and biscuits.  The white beans and gravy were delicious; the rest, well it was cooked at least.


Not sure if I’m supposed to be offended or confused?

Down one section of the store was, besides a thousand different portraits of Elvis, this art work below with a definite religious tone.


Spare the Rod!

I don’t know who, where, or why someone would buy this particular one (although there were a total of three variations of this) but there were many with punishment as the main theme and if not that, snakes that would heal you.  And that’s one ugly looking woman.




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