Home Sweet (lookin’for a) Home

As a military family we’ve had many houses/homes over the years, and since retiring and then my second career, we owned a house we lived in for several years.  Of all the types and styles of homes we’ve lived in there were only a few we would return to; some based on the house and location itself, others just on memories of good times.

Perhaps our favorite home was our Colorado house, a split level, we lived in and fixed up, over an almost four year assignment there.  It was perfect for raising kids and by the time I go the backyard converted from a desert to a tree, vegetable garden, pool and deck, it turned into a sort of paradise.  It even had solar water heating which was wonderful.

One of our goals traveling around the country, is to decide where we want to live next.  Do we want a home close to the kids?  Or one in the southern part of the country and one in the northern part for the different seasons?  Perhaps just some land somewhere we can park our 5th wheel when we’re in town that has utilities.  Monica has this picture, or rather a newspaper clipping from many years ago, that had her dream home illustrated.

Photo on 4-15-17 at 11_Fotor

Taped inside our pantry in many homes for many years

There are so many beautiful places to choose from and some to easily discard.  Everyone has their idea of beauty and to some the sandy rocky soil of the Southwest draws them.  Some have to see or live in the mountains and others the ocean.  While others are content on their little piece of land they can putz on every weekend of their life.  I think ours is more of a small chalet, with a wrap around porch.  Now about the places we do not want to live, it’s just not for us and besides we really cannot take the heat anymore.  So the Southwest is pretty much out of contention with the exception of San Diego.  Idillic weather, beautiful ocean, and a mixture of mountains and plains.  Southeaster US has much to offer.  It almost has mountains, well they call them that but the Adirondacks. are really old and have eroded so much over time that while beautiful, cannot compare to the Rockies.


But the Southeastern part of the country is really too hot for our liking.  As I pen this it is mid-April and yesterday it was 91 degrees.  I mean come on, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life inside trying to stay cool more than 3/4 of the year round.

Anyway this summer we’ll make the Maine trip; the Northeast and then later along the Northwestern part of the country.  I’ve a feeling we’ll really love Maine and also places like Oregon and Washington states.  We’ll see and you’ll just have to follow along to see where we end up!



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